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The American Recreation & Entertainment Alliance is a national non-profit risk purchasing association bringing together Individuals and Business dedicated to the entertainment and recreation industries.  Membership currently includes the Equestrian, Sports, Film, , Special Event, Tattoo & Body Piercing communities.  AREA's mission is to promote entertainment and recreation activities by supporting quality programs and offering networking opportunities to it's members.  We also strive to provide members with professional development opportunities that improve skills and encourage sound professional practices. 

AREA members are entitled to valuable benefits and services including AREA endorsed insurance programs at preferred association rates.  AREA sponsored insurance programs have consistently offered the highest quality coverage at affordable rates due to our volume purchasing, history of safety and profitability with insurance companies. 

As a member, you will have the opportunity to be part of an organization renowned for its expertise, ethics and ideals as well as an organization dedicated to advancing this industry into the rapidly changing 21st century.








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